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Green leaves and garnishes

Well now that I’ve finally entered the world of blogging, maybe it’s time for me to also explore another unfamiliar entity that many of you recognize as “a salad bar”. 

On second thought, before making such a drastic lifestyle change, I think I’d much rather figure out what this blogging world is all about. Talking about Tom Glavine’s future and Jeff Francoeur’s potentially-ugly arbitration hearing seems much more appetizing than green leaves and garnishes.

While meeting with Braves GM Frank Wren this afternoon, Glavine will get a better understanding about just how much he wants to pitch in Atlanta this year.  Wren’s available funds are limited and there’s little reason to believe he’ll provide much of an increase to the offer he made to the southpaw last week.

Let’s not forget, the Braves need an outfielder, who would eat up most of the $5-6 million that Wren has to work with.  While Glavine could certainly be a  valuable  fifth starter,  these negotiations are primarily motivated by the respect the veteran southpaw has justifiably earned.

Coming off a surgical procedure that repaired both his left elbow and left shoulder, Glavine likely isn’t going to find any team offering him a contract that when maximized would net him much more than $5 million. 

Glavine’s 305 career wins will carry him to Cooperstown.  But his upcoming 43rd birthday combined with  the current economy isn’t likely going to allow him to gain the $6 million maximized earnings that he’s seeking.

Thus Glavine will have to decide whether the $1 or 2 million extra that he might be able to gain elsewhere is enough to justify having to leave his family behind in Atlanta, while he pitches for somebody other than the Braves.

Glavine will likely be able to provide more clarity when he emerges from his meeting with Wren.  But for now, my guess is that he’ll be coming to camp with the Braves.

I’m heading to Florida tomorrow and will be making my first Spring Training reports on Friday. My early prediction for the camp’s biggest surprise is Jordan Schafer, who could certainly win the battle to serve as Atlanta’s starting center fielder.

Two weeks ago, while talking to him about his HGH suspension, it was obvious that this 22-year-old top prospect has matured from both a physical and personality standpoint.

Whenever I hear about the struggles Schafer had against left-handed pitchers last year, I immediately think about the line drive he laced off of Billy Wagner in Port St. Lucie last year.  The kid can play and over the next seven weeks, he’ll be on a mission to prove to the Braves that he’s ready to play in the Majors.

Unlike DOB’s blog on, this one won’t conclude with song lyrics.  Truth be told, some of the bands he discusses in his posts are as familiar to me as inaugural members of the Croquet Hall of Fame.

When it comes to obscure bands, my knowledge is limited to “Five Star Iris” and  “Ocean Street”.  Of course, if I wasn’t friends the lead singers, these two groups would probably be as familiar to me as green leaves and garnishes.  

– Mark Bowman

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