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Farnsworth and Ankiel arrive for series finale

Now that Kyle Farnsworth has arrived, there’s probably much less chance that we’ll see a Braves pitcher get hit by a pitch in a third consecutive game. 

Obviously nobody has even hinted that they have the slightest suspicion that Kris Medlen and Jair Jurrjens were intentionally hit with pitches during the first two games of this series.  But if the Reds needed reason not to even attempt to jam Tommy Hanson with a pitch today, somebody might want to show them footage of Farnsworth slamming former Cincinnati pitcher Paul Wilson to the ground on June 19, 2003 at Great American Ball Park. 

After Farnsworth and Ankiel arrived around 11 a.m. ET this morning, they introduced themselves to their new Braves teammates, many of which still remember what happened to Wilson after he reacted to an inside fastball that Farnsworth threw during that game seven years ago. 

As Farnsworth was walking toward his locker, Eric Hinske mimicked Chris Farley’s Saturday Night Live skit by playfully asking, “Remember when you choke slammed that dude?” 

Farnsworth faintly smiled and continued walking while saying, “No, I don’t remember.”

Ankiel will start in center field during this afternoon’s series finale against the Reds.  Hinske will start at first base in place of Troy Glaus, who says he can’t blame any health-related issues on the fact that he has hit just  .160 in his past 30 games. 


Conrad 5
Heyward 9
Infante 4
McCann 2
Hinske 3
Gonzalez 6
Ankiel 8
Cabrera 7
Hanson 1

NOTES: The Braves will wait until Monday before deciding whether to place Martin Prado on the disabled list.  Prado said his right pinky finger was still “pretty sore” Sunday morning… Medlen said his right forearm, which was bruised by a Johnny Cueto pitch Friday night, was feeling much better Sunday.  He expects to complete his scheduled side session Tuesday. 


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